Avni Natural Period Wear/Cloth Pad Wash – 100ml | Natural Fragrance | Bioenzyme based | No Chemicals | Fights Blood Stains & Odour | Skin Safe

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Period wear Cleaner, Cloth Pad Wash – 100ml

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• Avni Natural Cloth Pad wash is a plant based bio-enzyme liquid cleaner
• This will be India’s first cleaner designed specifically for washing of Cloth pads, cloth panty liners and period panties
• Enriched with refreshing fragrance of green tea
• Effectively removed blood stains and odour of body fluids
• Dermatologically tested and recommended
• Free from harsh chemcials, irritants, acids, phosphates and caustics
• Balanced at neutral pH
• Bleach and toxic effluents free
• Bio Enzyme Based – Completely Natural
• Plant based surfactants
• Acid Free
• pH Neutral
• Phosphate, Sulphates & Caustic free
• Bleach free
• No Toxic effluents

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