Stayzy 280mm (XL) Maxi Menstrual Pad 7pcs 6pkt

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42 Pads, Sanitary pad, 280mm (XL)

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Brand: Stayzy
Quantity: 42 Pads

• Inside the Pkt, you will find 7 Pcs Sanitary Pads with Individual Disposal Bag. • Suitable for regular to heavy flow
• 2x better coverage, extra-long and extra wide sanitary napkins for all 360° protection throughout the day & night
• Individually packed pads so you can carry one with you always and stay prepared for any surprises •Come with Optimal Embossing Design for even spreading and long use.
• No fragrance with gel technology for Odour control and provides a comfortable feminine protection.
• No Ink used on pads to help ensure chemical free product in contact with intimate areas.

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